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Harold Bloom
Oscar Wilde

Writings by Anders Klitgaard
Nothing Is But What Is Not M.Litt. abstract of dissertation on Shakespeare

Philosophy is the Hacking of God aphorism

The CyberWriting Manifesto

The Difference Between Analogue and Digital Textuality: An Epistemological Enquiry.
Readerly/Writerly Texts. New Mexico, 2001. 9.1 & 9.2. 83–115


Ansats til en filosofisk teori om rockmusik (lang. Danish)

Den etik, der forkynder sig selv gennem forargelse (lang. Danish)

Friedrich Nietzsche's Moral Philosophy (lang. Danish / English abstract) Cand.Phil. dissertation

Bloom, Kierkegaard, and the Problem of Misreading. The Salt Companion to Harold Bloom.
Cambridge: Salt, 2007. 290–302. PDF excerpt

Music, alchemy and me


AKVL: Alchemical Knowledge - Veritas Ludens

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